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I know it is difficult to find good books. So I have decided to find some good books from different subjects for preparation of various exams. So let us start with some Punjab General Knowledge GK books here.

The first such book is

Know your Punjab GK book written by Anil Mittal

The  book on Punjab state has been divided into 27 chapters namely Ancient History of Punjab, Medieval History of Punjab, Modern History of Punjab, Movements in Punjab, Physiographic Profile, Rivers and Lakes, Soils and Climate, Flora and Fauna, Agriculture and Irrigation, Animal Husbandry, Industries of the State, Energy Resources, Transport, Tourism of the State, Punjab Executive, Punjab Legislature, Judiciary of the State, Local Self-Government, District profile of the State, Music and Dance, Arts and Crafts, Fairs and Festivals, Language and Literature, Education and Health, Tribes of the State, Sports and Awards and Famous Personalities.

Chapterwise Theory and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) have been given in the book along with latest current updates. Each of the sections in the book has been adorned with latest information, at the same time keeping the language simple and text lucid.

As the book contains detailed information on the state of Punjab it will serve to be highly useful for Punjab Public Service Commission and other state level exams.

The book is available at a price of around Rs.159 only. You can get more information on this Know You Punjab Book at

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