Famous ancient books of Indian writers

In the last post ,I had discussed about  General Knowledge Questions on Stadiums. Here in this topic , I will be discussing about Famous ancient books of Indian writers

Many competition exams in India include one or two questions based on Famous ancient books and their authors. You will be asked a question like this ” Who is the author of this book?” or This author has written these books except? I am giving here some very important ancient books and their author names here. You may be asked question on that book and what that is about also? So keep reading and memorizing these books and authors.

  1. Bhagvad Gita: Written by Ved Vyas
  1.  Buddha Charit-  Writen by Ashvaghosha
  2.  Harsha Charit –   Written by Bana Bhatt
  3.   Natya Shastra-    Written by Bharat Muni
  4.   Panchtantra-        Written by Vishnu Sharma
  5.   Prithvi Raj Raso-   Written by  Chand Bardai
  6.    Ramayana-          Maharishi Balmiki
  7.    Ritu Samhara-     Kalidasa
  8.   Abhigyan Shankuntlam–   Kalidasa
  9.   Sushrut Samhita-     Charak
  10.    Arthshastra-              Chankya
  11.    Ashtadhyayi-             Panini
  12.     Rajtarangni –            Kalhana
  13.    Ravan Vadh-             Bhatti
  14.    Nagnanda, Ratnavali, Priyadarshika-   Harshavardhana 

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