General Knowledge India- Science GK Question Answers

Here on this page, I am going to discuss with you some the questions based on General science. Many competition GK exams in India ask this type of question and persons from non-medical background fail to answer these type of questions. So lets start now.

1. Athlete foot is caused by

Ans: Fungus

2. AIDS is caused by

Ans: HTLV virus

3. AIDS means

Ans: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

4. Beri-Beri is due to deficiency of

Ans: Vitamin B1

5. Malaria is caused by bite of

Ans: Female anopheles mosquito

6. Diabetes mellitus occurs due to

Ans: Deficiency of Insulin

7. Dengue is caused by

Ans: Bite of Aedes aegepti mosquito and caused by virus

8. Goitre occurs due to dficiency of

Ans; Iodine

9.  Meningitis is

Ans: Inflammation of membranes of brain

10. Rickets is caused by

Ans: Deficiency of Vitamin D

11. Scurvy occurs due to deficiency of

Ans: Vitamin C

12. Rabies vaccine was discovered by

Ans: Louis Pasteur

13. Small pox vaccine was discovered by

Ans: Edward Jennar

14. Dialysis is done in disease involving

Ans: Kidneys

15. Myopia is corrected by prescribing

Ans; Concave lens

16. Hypermetropia is correted by prescribing

Ans: Convex lens

17. Swine flu is caused by

Ans: H1N1 virus

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