General Knowledge Questions on International Organizations

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General knowledge on International organizations are frequently asked in various GK based competition exams. Here I am posting few questions which are very important and are frequently asked in various General knowledge quizzes and questions . You can read these questions here and can watch the above video also. I am posting on this blog GK video tutorials for preparation of various exams and if you like these questions and videos, please share them and like them.

1. When did United Nations came into existence?

Ans: 24th oct, 1945 ( however the charter was signed on 26th June, 1945.

2.  United Nations day is celebrated on which date each year?

Ans: 24th October.


3. How many principal organs of the United Nations are there?

Ans: six


4. Headquarter of United Nations is located at

Ans: New York


5. How many official languages are there in United Nations?

Ans: Six


6. Which are the principal official languages of United States?

Ans: English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, French


7. Security council of United Nations has how many members?

Ans: 5 permanent and 10 non-permanent members


8. Which are the five permanent members of United Nations?

Ans: UK, USA, China, Russia andFrance


9. The Headquarter of International Court of justice is located at

Ans: Hague, Netherlands


10. The headquarter of UNESCO is located at

Ans: Paris


11. The headquarter of WHO is located at

Ans: Geneva


12. World health day is celebrated on each year at which date?

Ans: 7th,April


13. Who is the present secretary General of United Nations?

Ans: Ban Ki Moon ( He belngs to S.Korea)


14. Who was the first Secretary General of United Nations?

Ans: Trygve Lie ( He was from Norway)


15. Where is the headquarter of Food and Agricultural Organisation located?

Ans: Rome


16. The headquarter of International Atomic Energy Organisation is located at?

Ans: Vienna( Austria)


17. The headquarter of World Trade Organisation is located at?

Ans: Geneva


18. The headquarter of International Bank for Reconstruction and Development or World Bank is located at

Ans: Washington


19. NAM ( Non Alignment Movement ) was starte on which year?

Ans: 1955


20. Headquarter of SAARC is located at

As; Kathmandu ( Nepal)


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