General Knowledge Questions on Stadiums

In the previous post, I had talked about Major currencies of the world  which  is a very common question asked in various exams. I will discuss the topic on General Knowledge Questions on Stadiums

This question is often asked in various competition exams like “This stadium is situated in which city?” The names of some very important stadiums across India and whole world are being listed here for quick reference.

  1. Wankhede Stadium- Situated in Mumbai- Cricket matches are played here.
  2. Chinna Swami Stadium- Situated in Banglore- Important for Cricket matches.
  3. Firoz shah Kotla Ground- Delhi- For Cricket.
  4. Lords- Great Britain- Cricket
  5. Leeds- Great Britain- Cricket
  6. Barbourne Stadium- Mumbai- Cricket matches
  7. Eden Gardens- Kolkata- Cricket matches
  8. Yadvindra Stadium- Patiala- Hockey matches

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