Major Biosphere Reserves in India

Major Biosphere Reserves in India:

Following are the major biosphere reserves in our country. Multiple choice type of question from this topic are usually picked up from this topic and hence we have to remember names and locations of these biosphere reserves. Although there are many biosphere reserves in India, some of the most important ones from exam point of view are listed here.

Name  State
1.       Sunderbans West-Bengal ( Ganga Delta)
2.       Agasthyamalai Kerala
3.       Simlipal Orissa
4.       Nilgiri Tamil Nadu,Karnataka and Kerala
5.       Nokrek Meghalaya
6.       Dehong Debhang Arunachal Pradesh
7.       Manas Assam
8.       Panchmarhi Madhya Pradesh
9.       Nanda Devi Uttarakhand
10.   Kanchanchanga Sikkim


National Parks and wild-life sanctuaries in India:

We may also get a question based on this topic also. This type of question comes in mostly matching type of questions. We will cover some most important National parks and wild-life sanctuaries here.

Name State Important animal in these reserves
1.       Kaziranga Asom Horned Rhioceros
2.       Dachigam Kashmir Indian stag
3.       Keoladeo Ghana ( Bird sanctuary) Rajasthan Siberian cranes
4.       Gir forests Gujarat Lions
5.       Kanha National park Madhya Pradesh Tigers
6.       Corbett National park) Uttarakhand Tigers and Leopard
7.       Hazaribag National park Jharkhand Tigers and Leopard
8.       Bandipur wildlife sanctuary Karnataka Elephants, Panther
9.       Manas Asom Tigers, One horned Rhinos
10.   Periyar Kerala Elephants,tigers
11.   Tansa sanctuary Maharashtra Panther, four-horned antelope
12.   Vedanthangal Tamilnadu Birds
13.   Shivpuri National park Mahya Pradesh Tigers, Panthers
14.   Nal Sarover Bird sanctuary Gujarat  
15.   Nagerhole National Park Karnataka Tigers and elephants
16.   Kanger Ghati National park Himachal Pradesh  
17.   Dudhwa National Park Uttar Pradesh Tigers
18.   Dampha sanctuary Mizoram  
19.   Borivilli National park Maharashtra Panther,chinkara
20.   Palamau Jharkhand Tigers
21.   Namdapha Arunachal Pradesh  
22.   Panchmarhi Mahya pradesh  
23.   Sariska Rajasthan  
24.   Wynad sanctuary Kerala  

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