Major currencies of the world General Knowledge

Some exams in India based on general knowledge ask a question based on names of currencies of different currencies. The list is very long, but I will post here some important currencies of different countries. You should read and remember these names of currencies of different countries.

  1. India –  Rupee
  2. Pakistan- Pakistan rupee
  3. Sri Lanka- Srilankan rupee
  4. Nepal- Nepalese Rupee
  5. Bangladesh- Taka
  6. Myanmar- Kyat
  7. Bhutan- Ngultrum
  8. Afghanistan-    Afghani
  9. USA-                 Dollar
  10. UK   –                Pound Sterling
  11.  Chile- Peso
  12. Israel-  Shekel
  13. China- Yuan
  14. Iran- Rial
  15. Iraq- Dinar
  16. Malaysia- Ringgit
  17. Russia- Rouble
  18. South Africa- Rand
  19. Sweden- Krona
  20. Thailand- Baht

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