Major Ports in India

Dear Friends, Many GK MCQ based exams in india sometimes include one or two questions based on the topic of Major ports in India. India has a long coastline of 7517 km and there are around 13 major ports and 187 minor ports situated along the coastline. These ports contribute a large chunk of India trade with foreign countries. In addition, there are many shipyards where ships are built and added to Indian crew.Some of the main shipyards located in India are

  1. Mazgaon dock Limited- Goa
  2. Garden Reach shipyards limited- Kolkata
  3. Cochin shipyard- Kochi
  4. Hindustan shipyard Ltd.- Vishakhapattnam
  5. Hoogly Dock and Port Engineers limited.

Major ports in India include

  1. Kandla Port- Located in Gujrat along west coast  

                                –  It is a Tidal port and also known as Offspring of Partition

                                – Crude oil, petroleum products, food grains, salt, cement etc are handled through this port.

2. Mumbai-  Located in Maharashtra

                    – It is the busiest port in India

                    – It is the biggest port in India

                     – It is a natural harbour.

                     – Mineral oil, dry cargo is handled through this port.

3. Jawahar Lal Nehru Nava Sheva port:

                    – Located near Mumbai

                    –  One of the modern port in world with mechanized containers.

4.  Marmagao:   Located in Goa

                            –  Iron ore is handled maximum through this port in India

 5. New Manglore:

                            – It is also known as Gateway of Karnataka

                            – Iron ore, petroleum products, edible oil are handled through this port.

6. Cochin Port:

                           – Located in Kerala

                           – It is a natural harbour

                           – Exports of tea, coffee, spices etc is handled through this port.

 7. Tuticorin:

                           – located in Tamil Nadu

                           – It is an Artificial deep sea harbour

                           –  coal, salt, dry cargo and petroleum products are handled through this port.

  8. Ennore port:

                           –  Located in Tamil Nadu

                          – First port in India made with co-operative participation

                          – Modern port and handles the coal transportation

 9. Chennai : 

                          – Located in Tamil Nadu

                          – it is the oldest artificial harbour along East coast of India

                          – Int erms of volume of traffic , it is the second largest major port in India

  10. Vishakhapattnam:

                           –  It is deepest landlocked port in India along the East coast of India

                          – Crude oil, petroleum products and steel are handled through this port

11. Paradeep :

                          – Located in Orissa along East coast of India

                          –  Trade with Eastern countries lie Japan is carried out through this port

12.  Haldia:

                          – Located in West Bengal on Hoogly river and it was built to decrease the load on Kolkata port.

13.  Kolkata port:

                          – It is located in West Bengal on river Hoogly and hence is a riverine port

                          –  It is the oldest port in country

         So all students preparing for competitive exams in India should remember these points to cover the topic of Major ports in India 

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