World Biggest and Longest

You may get a question on some interesting GK facts like biggest, highest, longest, largest both in India and at world level .Here I am posting some very common and interesting as well as important facts from this topic. 

1.Which is the Biggest Ocean in world?

  Ans: Pacific ocean

2. Which is the biggest Archipelago in world?

Ans: Indonesia

3. Which is the biggest Bay in world?

Ans: Hudson bay

4. Which is the biggest planet in Solar system?

Ans: Jupitor

5. Where is highest airport located in world?

Ans: Lhasa , Tibet

6. Which is the highest mountain peak in world?

Ans: Mount Everest(8848 m)

7. Which is the highest plateau in world?

Ans: Pamir

8. Which is the highest waterfall in world?

Ans: Angel ( Located in Venezuela)

9. Which is the longest canal in world?

Ans: Suez canal.

10. Which is the longest Railway platform in world?

Ans: Kharagpur

11. Which is the highest Volcano in world?

Ans: Cotopaxi

12. Which is the largest beach in world?

Ans: Virginia beach ( USA)

13. Which is the largest city in world area wise?

Ans: London

14. Which city in world has maximum population?

Ans: Tokyo ( Japan)

15. Which is the largest delta in world?

Ans: Sunderbans ( West-Bengal,India)

16. Which is the largest continent area wise?

Ans: Asia

17. Which is the largest desert?

Ans: Sahara

18. Which is the largest gulf?

Ans: Gulf of Mexico

19. Which is the largest Salt water lake in world?

Ans: Caspian sea

20. Which is the largest fresh water lake in world?

Ans: Lake Superior

21. Which is the biggest country in world?

Ans: Russia

22. Which is the longest river in the world?

Ans: Nile

23. Which is the world biggest dam?

Ans: Three Gorges dam, It is located on Yangtze river in China

24. Which is the biggest park in world?

Ans: Yellow stone National park, located in USA

25. Which is the largest river in world?

Ans: Amazon





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