I have started this blog to help students preparing for General Knowledge and current affairs for various jobs. Every exam in India tests candidates for their General knowledge and intelligence level . While some of the exams test candidates for their GK , others carry out some interviews before the candidates are finally selected for the job. 

There is very tough competition among candidates for these exams as the number of vacancies are usually very less and a large number of candidates apply for these jobs. I have prepared for IAS and Punjab state civil service exams and have experience of handling these exams. What I have felt is that there is mushrooming of coaching institutes for preparation of these exams. 

I felt the need of some interactive videos on GK topics and current affairs and searched youtube for the preparation of these exams. So I took this step of preparing this blog and making video lectures on General Knowledge and current affairs with my own efforts. As the subject is vast and it takes time to prepare these topics, I will be discussing some of the most important topics and points from these topics of GK.

I need assistance and comments from my readers for this endeavor to encourage me and do this task .


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